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David Choi

Software Engineer @ Orange County, CA

I eat burgers, pizza, and burritos for a living. To support my lifestyle, I attended UC Berkeley, learned how to learn, worked in sales, and eventually found my passion for web development.

I read through blogs and books to understand how to program, but found that I learned best through writing code and real life projects. I took on freelance challenges and practiced coding using online tools like Codecademy, Team Treehouse, Reddit, and Thinkful.

And now I'm a web developer specializing in branding clients and developing reusable UI components. Experienced in front end development through flexible technology solutions for admin dashboards, travel commerce, loyalty program management, online and mobile payments, branding, and landing pages. Specifically interested in development using JavaScript. I also stretched my skills by writing automation tests in Java using Selenium. I'm currently working on the UI for Solver's data warehouse cloud application built on and Angular, TypeScript, Sass to build a responsive, scalable, and performant application.

I have focused on the front end, but I enjoy all parts of the stack and I have a strong desire to continue learning new technologies and I'm always looking for ways to make myself and make my code more efficient.

Go Lakers! And Go Bears!

Shoutout to my lovely wife, our cute little pup, Morty, my ma, pa, and brah, and of course the man upstairs, Jesus Christ!

Technical Skills

I have a very particular set of skills


10 years


10 years


10 years


8 years

Sass/Styled Components

8 years


7 years


6 years


6 years


5 years

Work Experience

I don't always work, but when I do I prefer dos working hard

Oct 2021


Senior Software Engineer

Building frontend for Lyft Pink memberships

Jan 2021
Sep 2021


Senior Software Engineer
  • Implemented new instance of carta.com and set up front end architecture using Gatsby, TypeScript, Contentful, ChakraUI; worked with SRE writing lambda function to properly deploy first SPA at Carta on existing Jenkins, AWS S3 Cloudfront, and Terraform pipeline
  • Migrated Wordpress site to Contentful using Gatsby and bringing our Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO to 95+ scores and a 1 second time to interactive and a 2 minute build time
  • Wrote node scripts to automate Wordpress to Contentful migration of 1000+ pages and 5000+ assets converting HTML > Markdown/Rich Text and referencing of media assets, iframes, and 3rd party tools
  • Integrated 3rd party products like Google Analytics, Amplitude, Looker, Segment, and Marketo to submit forms, track data, and get a better grasp of our customers while standardizing our data
Mar 2018
Jan 2021


Front End Engineer II
  • Providing technology and services with modern web architecture to improve the Creator Experience for YouTube and Twitch content creators:
  • Atlas: Premium content manager
  • AMP: Empowers Account Managers become platform evangelists driving revenue and positive, data-driven actions
  • UFG: YouTube Multi-Channel Network https://www.unionforgamers.com
  • MoBa: Streamline YouTube content discovery and YouTube talent acquisition for Twitch Partnerships
  • IMPCN: Event-triggered account management platform for UFG empowering Account Managers with a data intelligence tool
Jan 2017
Feb 2018


  • Refactored and rearranged application to simplify ease of use by introducing Angular Animations, RxJS API, 5-1 Sass architecture, and modular component driven architecture and keeping application up to date with the latest technologies
  • Created responsive table filtering, search, accordion detail component; date time scheduling component; modal error handling component; flipping card component
  • Architect for front end UI/UX using HTML, TypeScript, Angular, Sass, Webpack to build Data Warehouse cloud application integrating with .NET API
  • Implemented Angular lazy loading feature, AoT compilation, and tree shaking through modular approach, which decreased TTFB from 17 sec to 7 sec
Sep 2016
Apr 2017

CPQ Solutions

Senior Implementation Consultant
  • Built boilerplate front end to optimize the UI/UX customer experience of our base CPQ platform, which converted into quicker deployment and development, shorter training periods within project management, and ease for clients and developers
  • Configure and script CPQ Cloud application based on client design, optimized the front end code to be more syntactical, efficient, and responsive
  • Integrated CPQ for clients: Synopsys, HPE, Realtor, and Logicalis
Sep 2012
Aug 2016


Web Developer
  • Defined modular components and common UI patterns for simple integration in our checkout pages by using Sass, Bootstrap, Handlebars, and Ember framework with modular components for our Travel Air Shopping product
  • Automated over 200 test cases at a rate of 2/day, which previously took 64 hours of manual regression testing, but now take 30 minutes to run on Jenkins
  • Implemented object oriented CSS and scalable patterns, components to cut client branding from 80 hours to a 2 hour implementation while increasing scalability, performance, and predictability and lowering bug count and severity
  • Responsible for managing branding integration of white label clients including: JetBlue, Southwest, United, American Express, MasterCard, and more
Jul 2011
Sep 2012


Senior Technical Solar Associate

Exceeded quota every month; built the blueprint for successful lead qualification for Associates through best practices thereby creating the training manual for all Solar Associates; qualified 1359 leads, sold 260 systems (1.348mW) $8.2M revenue


Where I read good and learn how to do other stuff good too

May 2011

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

University of California, Berkeley

Graduated with Honors, 3.7 GPA

Mar 2012

Front End Web Development


Thinkful is an online learning program that teaches technical skills to help people switch careers or advance in their current professions. I learned HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Git, and Bash through Thinkful's one-on-one mentorship program, personalized curriculum, and project-driven coursework.

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